Gluten-free bread, croutons and pizza crust from GNI Bakery. Great for those who live a gluten-free lifestyle, by choice or necessity. Those with Celiac Disease must follow a gluten-free diet, and it's also been shown that eating gluten-free can have a positive effect on those with autism, allergies and dermatitis. 
     It's often hard to find healthy foods that taste great, but our breads, croutons and pizza crust have passed the taste test, with kids and adults. A vegan gluten free bread is coming soon for those who take eggs and milk out of thier diet. You won't even realize the food you're eating doesn't have wheat, rye or barley. For those with food intolerances, or those who merely are interested in sticking to a more healthy diet, GNI Bakery gluten-free products are the way to go.